WAUZOBLE Grounding Mat for Health, Grounding Mat for Improving Sleep, Grounding Mattress with Grounding Wire,Grounding Yoga Mat for Better Work and Helping You Relieve Anxiety

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grounding matgrounding mat

Grounding mats can connect the human body to the earth, which can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and improve blood circulation. Hope our products can bring you surprises and help!




Advanced Grounding Mats

The grounding pad is made of conductive PU leather and non-slip rubber, which is safe and durable, and can be directly touched by the skin. It is also completely animal friendly and can be used by pets.

Portable Ground Cord

This universal grounding mat has a 15ft cord/connector for portability and great distance, it can be used to attach power cords. Grounding sleeping mats allow you to enjoy the earth’s natural energy indoors.

Adjustable Grounding Wristband

Grounding wristband is made of high-quality copper wire, which is retractable and adjustable. It can not only quickly discharge static electricity, but also effectively increase the working range.


Grounding can lead to health benefits such as better sleep, reduced stress, reduced inflammation, headache relief and more energy. This is a universal grounding mat, flexible and functional, it can be used as a floor mat, desk mat, sleeping mat and mouse pad.


Take the universal ground mat kit mat and ground wire, place the mat where you want it to be used and flatten it. We can enjoy the benefits of grounding by inserting the grounding wire into the grounding jack of the socket, and then placing any part of the body on the grounding mat.

Let’s Start Grounding from This Second

Grounding ProductsGrounding Products

What is Grounding?

As the name implies, grounding is direct contact with the earth, and most people’s shoes are insulated and do not have direct contact with the earth.We know that the energy of the sun is good for the body.In fact, earth energy is also energizing and very beneficial to health. When we are in direct contact with the earth, our body receives a surge of ‘energy’ that has a significant impact on sleep, physical and mental state, and autoimmune function.

Lying on the meadowLying on the meadow

Grounding gives us a brand new possibility.

A new way of livingImprove your quality of lifeEnhance your happinessHave a positive mentality

【Eco-Friendiy Materials】—Our grounding pad kit is made of a pure leather eco-friendly material, which is easy to clean and only needs to be gently wiped with clean water
【What is Grounding】 Grounding refers to direct contact with the ground, and a grounding pad is a device that connects humans to the positive energy of the Earth. When we come into contact with the grounding pad, our body receives a wave of ‘energy’, which has a significant impact on sleep, physical and mental states, as well as our own immune function.
【Benefits of Grounding】 Grounding can provide health benefits, such as better sleep, reduced stress, reduced harmful inflammation, headaches or tension, improved blood circulation, and more energy. You will feel a new life after getting grounding.
【Good Choice as Gift】:This grounding pad is a great choice for family and friends as it can help them get better sleep and make their mood happy. Finally, if you have any questions about the product, please contact us as soon as possible to provide you with the best service

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