The Omega Project Black Book Training Journal – US Army Special Operations Elite Workout Planner – Leather Fitness Tracker Notebook Logs Exercise, Sleep, Recovery, Nutrition and More

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military fitness journalmilitary fitness journal

Excellence Matters. Track it.

The-OmegaProject was founded by current active duty special operations forces to pass on our lessons learn in fitness and performance

fitness journalfitness journal

The Blackbook Training Journal

Developed by US Special Operators while on deployment because the no training journal lived up to the hype, so we made our own.

fitness journal and training journalfitness journal and training journal

The-OmegaProject was founded by US Special Operators while on deployment. For these men, fitness is what keeps them alive, after working with our trainers, cognitive coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists and fellow shooters. We had our first prototype sent to us on deployment on a forward operating base so we could put it to the test. We now believe firmly we have created the best fitness journal and training journal on the planet.

Who are we

We are active duty US Special Operations Personnel who have a love of fitness and getting the most out of life. We want to help everyone live their best life by tracking the things that matter and finding their way to fitness and mental clarity.

Why do we love what we do?

We are avid fitness and nutrition oriented individuals. We want to get the most our of our bodies and we believe everyone has the opportunity to get the most our of theirs as well. We want to show the world with a little guidance we can all improve with a few simple lessons.

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