Smart Ring Step Meter Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Sleep Monitoring Sports Smart Ring Health – Fitness Tracker for 24/7 Body Temperature, Pedometer with Charging Cable, APP, Men & Women 62mm

Price: $198.00
(as of Oct 18,2023 01:26:51 UTC – Details)

Outer Surface Material: Zirconia ceramics
Product Weight :5.5 gram
Battery Capacity: 18 mah Lithium-ion batteries
Battery Time :3 days, depending on the frequency of use
Charging Ways: Use the charging cable provided, USB rated 5V
Charging Time :45 minutes
Light Emitting Sensor: LED of all visible colors, safe and friendly for users
Connection Method: Low-power Bluetooth 5.0
Software Program :Update Updates through software applications
Software Compatibility:AppStore, Google Play
Waterproof Level:IPX68
Package Included :1x Smart Ring
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual

Historical data saved for 7 days with scrolling save
Multi sport mode :running, cycling, skipping rope, fitness, mountaineering, yoga, golf, dance。
1. Celsius and Fahrenheit are interchangeable
2. Kilometers and miles are interchangeable
3. Waterproof level 3. Battery working time up to 3 days
4. App display will not delay when pressing Test button
5. More accurate sensors.
Sleep monitoring: Advanced new sleep algorithms that capture subtle changes in the body.
Heart rate monitoring: Track heart rate 24/7 and monitor health status in real-time.
Blood oxygen monitoring: The ring is equipped with an optical blood sample sensor to enable 24-hour blood oxygen monitoring, helping to adjust body status in a timely manner.
Magnetic suction fast charging: Faster charging and longer battery life.
Worry-free use: IP68 waterproof, anti sweat for daily use.
Ceramic stainless steel body: weighs about 5g lighter, with microcrystalline zirconium nano ceramic body and stainless steel inner ring.

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