SinoTrack Steering Wheel Lock Seat Belt Lock for Car Universal Security Anti-Theft Locking Devices Auto Safety Prevention Device with 3 Keys Fits Most Vehicles Truck SUV Vans (3 Color Straps)

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SinoTrack Steering Wheel Lock-Keep Your Car Safety

SinoTrack Steering Wheel Lock Keep your vehicle safetySinoTrack Steering Wheel Lock Keep your vehicle safety

Why Choose SinoTrack Car Seat Belt Satety Lock?

Summer is a great time to go on car trips and we often take long car trips.

When you park your car in unfamiliar lots without monitoring, from time to time you can’t really enjoy the outdoor trip after parking because of the fear of being stolen by thieves.

Now, our SinoTrack car steering wheel lock comes to your side, this gadget can bring you a great sense of security.

Bendable car seat belt lock – compact but practical, durable but not bulky, when you need it to play a big role, when you do not need it can be stored anywhere.Consists of heavy-duty spiral steel – it can firmly lock the steering wheel and seat belt, not giving thieves any chance to steal the car.Equipped with three keys – you can carry one key with you, another can be given to your partner, and the third you can put in a fixed place for backup. (Normally equipped with only 2 keys) Exclusive/thoughtful/interchangeable 3 colors straps -Are you still struggling with the color? Worried that black is too dull to deter thieves? Then you can choose a bright yellow or a warning red.Or if you prefer a low-profile color, so low that it locks your car in place, you can spend 1 minute changing the color of the cloth tape.

Easy to Lock Your Car in Seconds

Easy to lock your carEasy to lock your car

Simple, Efficient, Safe, Stable and Essential

A car safety tool that anyone can easily master!

Before you leave the car, simply go around the steering wheel and fasten the lock at the seat belt.When you’re ready to unlock, simply turn the key clockwise and press down to unlock.

Super simple, isn’t it? Every car lover has at least one car security lock!

Both ensure that the car is safe from thieves and make us feel at ease when the car is not in view.

Security Your Car Deter Theft

Security your car deter theftSecurity your car deter theft

Heavy-duty and well-built

This seat belt locking device will be impossible to cut through.Thanks to the extra strong steel cable, it is hammer-proof, cut-proof, and tamper-proof.The steel cable of the car security lock and the padded cover on the cloth cover protects the steering wheel from scratches.

3 Color Straps3 Color Straps

Universal Fit for Most VehiclesUniversal Fit for Most Vehicles

Package includedPackage included

🔐 Heavy-duty and Well-built: This seat belt lock device will be impossible to cut through. Due to the super strong steel cable which is anti-hammer, anti-cutting, and anti-disassembly. The padded cover over the cable and fabric sleeve of the car security anti theft lock protects the steering wheel from scratch
🔐 Put it on Fast and Easy: 1. Loop the lock around the lower of the steering wheel 2. Insert the lock part into the safety belt card and you will hear the perfect “click”. Simply turn the key clockwise and press down to unlock it. Notice! Please keep your keys to prevent loss
🔐 Say Goodbye to Bulky Steering Wheel Locks: This antitheft locking device can be bent for storage and is easy to store under your seat or in the seat pocket. Not only can it lock the steering wheel to deter thieves from stealing the car, but can also apply it to prevent large items from being fixed in the back seat of the car with this seat belt lock prevents dangling or falling off when driving, such as large photographic equipment boxes, repair tool boxes, camping equipment boxes, etc
🔐 Unique Extra Gifts: SinoTrack steering wheel lock for cars is equipped 3 color straps to suit your different needs, whether you prefer something less conspicuous (more towards black) and don’t want to advertise that you have a lock; or have a visual indicator (more towards yellow and red) that there is protection in place to thwart and deter carjackers. You can change the color band anytime, anywhere with a minute to spare

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