Ghores Chalk Powder – Anti Skid Powder for Sports Increase Friction,Gymnastics Powder for Rope Training Sports, Outdoors Gym Fitness, Camping, Hiking

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The Anti Skid Powder is very convenient to use, has safe and scientific ingredients, and has a good anti-skid effect.

1. Formula science.
2. Easy to use.

Material: magnesium carbonate
Weight: 30g/bottle

Packing List:
1* Weightlifting Powder
⇖ [ Simple Use ] A very light white powder with a very strong hygroscopic effect, Refillable Chalk is easy to use and easy to carry, outer packaging is a self-sealing bag.
⇖ [ Drawstring Opening ] Small in size, about the size of a bun, Chalk Powder is when the magnesium powder is insufficient, you can add powder by yourself, which can be reused, designed with a drawstring opening.
⇖ [ Widely Applied ] Gym Chalk Powder is suitable for gymnastics training, gym, pole dancing, and more, ideal for basketball, pole throwers, shot putters, javelin throwers, and more, applicable to acrobats, ring athletes, and parallel bars athletes.
⇖ [ Used for Simple Anti Skid ] Can be used for simple ground anti-skid, Gymnastics Chalk Powder can enhance ground friction, a must-have when performing heavy-weight exercises, such as barbell lifting.

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