BELOMI 2 Pack Seat Belt Buckle Holder, Easy Access to The Buckles of Rear Seats, Silicone Seat Belt Buckle Booster Suitable for Kids, Car Seatbelt Holder Makes Receptacle Upright Buckling (Black)

Price: $9.99
(as of Oct 17,2023 18:12:47 UTC – Details)

Material: Silicone
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Apricot Color, Dark Blue, Pink, Coffee
Size: 2.75 * 1.96 * 1.85 Inch (L * W * H)
Outlet Size: 1.88 * 0.98 Inch (L * W)
Package Include: 2 * Seat Belt Buckle Holder

Our seat belt buckle holders are mainly suitable for rear seats (of course there are some special cases where they can be used on the front seats) and have the following advantages:

– Keep the seat belt buckle standing on the car seat, passengers can easily insert the seat belt with one hand.
– Elastic silicone material, excellent touch, do not hurt the car does not hurt the hand, set into the set is not easy to slip off, strong friction.
– Installation is solid, no longer need to look around for seat belt buckle, it is on your seat, a glance can see.

– If it’s tough to slide in, you can put the seat belt on first, then push the seat belt buckle holder down.
【Practical Function】: This seat belt buckle bracket is specially designed for the car seat belt buckle, use it to fix the seat belt buckle, so that passengers can insert the seat belt with one hand, easier and faster, is a very practical car interior accessories.
【Vehicle Universal】: The seat belt buckle bracket size 2.75 * 1.96 * 1.85 inches (L * W * H), and the outlet size for the seat belt buckle designed is 1.88 * 0.98 inches. If the car is equipped with children’s booster seat, or there are elderly people with mobility problems, disabled people, this holder is very indispensable.
【Easy to Use】: Good elasticity, can be slightly stretched. Slide the seat belt buckle holder onto your car seat belt buckle and slide it in. Slide the seat belt buckle frame down until it touches your car seat, you can see the seat belt buckle release button, the installation is complete.
【Fixing Role】: It’s terrible to look for seat belt buckle from the seat gap at night, which is a very troublesome thing, especially when you are in a great hurry. Our seat belt buckle holder can fix the seat belt buckle, and its base makes it can stand firmly on the seat and can be found at a glance.


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